neděle 31. srpna 2014

Cherish Every Moment

Cherish by Amber Shaw
Autumn Bouquet by Dagi´s Temp-tations

pátek 29. srpna 2014

Na houbách

Call O´The Wild {Expolore} by Digilicious Desing
Plain Jane by Dagi´s Temp-tations

This Is Where The magic Happens

Thyme In The Kitchen by Amber Shaw and Traci Reed
Plain Jane by Dagi´s Temp-tations

sobota 23. srpna 2014

Perfectly Beautiful

Perfectly Beautiful by Amber Shaw and Zoe Pearn
Authentic by Southern Serenity Designs

I´m Nuts and Bolts About You

Ro-Bot-Ics + Cards + Dials + Kraft + Snippets by Digilicious Design
Fuss Free: FreeBee 100 by FDD

pátek 22. srpna 2014

První společná fotka ze školky

Make It Double by Dagi´s Temp-tations
School of Fishes Bundle by Digilicious Design

Just Me

Me Time by Amber Shaw and Studio Basic Designs
Make It Double by Dagi´s Temp-tations

sobota 16. srpna 2014


Queen Bee Bundle by Digilicious Design
Happy Birthday To You by Dagi´s Temp-tations

Dinopark - duben 2013

Rawwr Bundle by Digilicious Design
20140117 Blog Template Freebie by mleCard

pátek 15. srpna 2014

You Are...

You are... by Amber Shaw and Sugar Fancy
Nerd Allert 2 by Dagi´s Temp-tations

úterý 12. srpna 2014


Happy Road by Mandy King
Four Seasons {templates} by Dagi´s Temp-tations

pondělí 11. srpna 2014

S prasátkem :)

Oinka-Doodle-Moo by Digilicious Design

sobota 9. srpna 2014


Sassy Pants by Amber Shaw and Meghan Mullens
Fuss Free: FreeBee 94 by FDD

pátek 8. srpna 2014

Jsou ti 4 roky

Too Many Questions by Amber Shaw, Jady Day Studio and Melissa Bennett
Pucker Up Template 2 by SWL


Make Rainbows by Amber Shaw
Spring Thing Add-On 1 by Southern Serenity

Elenka 1 rok

Happy Birthday To You by Dagi´s Temp-tations
Celebrate by Amber Shaw

Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs

Rosteš tak rychle

Sprout by Digilicious Design

Naše princezna

100% Princess by Digilicious Design
Freebie by Dagi´ Temp-tation

sobota 2. srpna 2014

S babičkou

Life Is Grand by Amber Shaw and Shawna Clingerman
June 2014 Template Freebie by Tickled Pink

pátek 1. srpna 2014

Cute As A Bug

Shape Up To The Point 2 by Dagi´s Temp-tations
Buggtown by SO Designers